Educational space

The offices and the presentation of different proposals to design the future educational space are located in the headquarter of the Maritime Museum of Mallorca, in the Ses Voltes Cultural Centre.

This space has been generated through a participatory process of co-design between the Museum, the artistic and educational mediation collective Sa Galania, the Joan Alcover Secondary School, the Joan Alcover Cooperative, two higher education groups of Socio-cultural Animation and Social Integration of the Ramon Llull Secondary School, and the Balearic Islands School of Design (EDIB), all of them from Palma.

The artistic and educational mediation group Sa Galania, represented by Rosa Garcia and Mar Barceló, explained the process of the project, in which the students of the centres were asked how they would like a museum and an educational space to be. This is vital information to find out why young people, from the age of sixteen onwards, stop visiting museums.

Once the responses from the Joan Alcover Secondary School and the Joan Alcover Cooperative had been collected, the higher education groups of Sociocultural Animation and Social Integration at the Ramon Llull Secondary School analysed them to try to make them possible from a socio-educational point of view. After this first process, the results were approached from the field of interior design with the School of Design of the Balearic Islands (EDIB).

The Educational Space can be visited during office hours from Monday to Friday from 9.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.


Participatory project of the educational space of the new Maritime Museum of Mallorca. CC Ses Voltes, Palma
Valentina Tetriak's project
Neila Amengual and Bernat Martí's project
Miquel Socies, Mari Moreno and Rut Garau's project
Alicia Echevarria and Ricardo Garcia's project
Alejandra Álamo, Yassmina M. Púa and Nina Feller's project

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