«La remor de la memòria»

"La remor de la memòria" is a research and artistic interpretation project based on the need to preserve a legacy, the intangible heritage, accumulated in the memory of the fishermen, fish sellers and people linked to the Port de Sóller, who have seen how this unique geographical space has changed over time, and is a representation of the changes that have taken place in Mallorca over the last seventy years.

The research project, which focuses on the oral memory of the elderly people of Mallorca, and specifically of the Port of Sóller, arises from two needs: a scientific and research need for intangible heritage, in this case oral heritage, and a second need to document the oral maritime memory expressed by the maritime community, which is closer to the Maritime Museum of Mallorca. This voice demands that this testimony be documented from the Museum, as was expressed in the different meetings held between the Museum's management and its community, and as was gathered in the first Conference on Sea Studies.

The research includes the experiences of twelve witnesses, the oldest of whom was born at the end of the 1920s and the youngest at the beginning of the 1990s. The work has made the witnesses participate in the new construction of the Museum of the Sea and has generated a space of memory, without which it would not have been possible to carry it out. The witnesses are not spectators of its history and its representation in the museum, but they are part of it, they decide it, through the memories and the experiences.

These witnesses are no longer on the fringes of the hegemonic discourses of the great protagonists of history, but are part of its construction and representation. They are the ones who, in their day-to-day lives, passively or actively, consciously or unconsciously, have built the Port that we have and the Mallorca of the 21st century, with its contradictions, which enter into dialogue with an accepted and changing past and present. These changes have been taking place since the post-war period until today, passing through smuggling, tourism, the arrival of new settlers and traditions, and the adaptation and adoption of new customs and technologies. They have transformed worldviews that resist the passage of time, but that accept without a doubt the new airs that arrive, that make personal desires intermingle with collective ones.

A museum must be able to experiment with new languages. From this experimentation arises the relationship between the research developed by Dr. Catalina Gayà Morlà and the educational and artistic mediation group Sa Galania, with Rosa Garcia Moreno and Mar Barceló Suau at the head. Sa Galania reinterprets the research, gives it form and artistic body; it makes the individual stories a superposition of personal experiences over time and the memory of the Port de Sóller, building a new, collective subject, which through twelve witnesses builds a selective past-present, but representative of a set of changes.

With its artistic installations, Sa Galania proposes a subjective and personal poetization of the research carried out by Catalina Gayà, in collaboration with the Museu Marítim de Mallorca, incorporating other expressive tools to accompany the people who visit us on their journey through the memory of the Port of Sóller.

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