The Maritime Museum of Mallorca has its headquarters, offices and the Educational Space designed by the Sa Galania group, in the Ses Voltes Cultural Centre of Palma.

Since the signing of the agreement between Palma City Council and the Maritime Museum of Mallorca Consortium in June 2019, the efforts of the museum's management have focused on conditioning the structure of the Ses Voltes Cultural Centre in order to be able to install the Consortium's headquarters there.

This space dedicated to the culture and maritime heritage of Mallorca is open to all citizens, who have participated in the configuration of the museum. It is a project that has become a reality with the help of the people of Palma and the entire maritime community.

Since October 2020, the museum has launched the "Converses amb la mar" series of conferences. It is a proposal that aims to bring Mallorca's maritime heritage and culture closer to the people and does so with a series of talks on a Saturday every month throughout 2020 and 2021.


The Maritim Museum of Sóller, located in the old oratory of Santa Catalina of Alexandria, displays old naval pieces and objects related to the work of the 'mestres d'aixa', fishing and trade, models of boats, photographs and historical images, documentation and other elements related to the sea, distributed around the outside of the building, the entrance, and a suggestive exhibition hall decorated with wood and blue tones. The 'mestres d'aixa', fishing, emigration and trade are the main themes dealt with.

Visitors can also enjoy the audiovisual room of the Museum, with the project “La remor de la Memòria”. This space focuses on the intangible heritage and oral memory through twelve testimonies of the Port of Sóller, ten people born at the end of the 1920s and two younger fishermen, who link the knowledge of the past with that of the present.

For the videos, sign languages in Catalan, Spanish and international have been taken into account, with subtitles in Catalan, Spanish and English. In addition, the texts have been adapted for easy reading so that they are accessible to all audiences.

The museum space is intended to be a place for people living in Sóller and the whole island. The museum of the sea of Sóller is an accessible space that has all the necessary infrastructures so that people with reduced mobility and hearing can visit it.