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We bring maritime heritage to the classroom!

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The Museu Marítim de Mallorca is developing a multi-site project to rediscover and promote centuries of island maritime heritage. This includes: shipwrecks, lighthouses, sailors’ stories, traditional vessels, maritime skills and biodiversity (and how human actions are endangering it). It is our heritage and we believe that it can help us to have an alternative approach with regards to our relationship with the sea. This is why we are dedicated to rediscovering our heritage, preserving it and promoting it. We also undertake research.

The Museu Marítim de Mallorca currently has two sites. The Sóller Sea Museum, which was closed for seven years, has been reopened by us. We can also be found at the Ses Voltes cultural centre in Palma, where we carry out a wide range of activities. In the meantime, our museum project continues to grow. Our objective, in the near future, is to open new sites in different parts of the island.

A collective journey

Opening the museum has been an adventure! However, it would have been impossible without the participation of individuals and organisations who have worked for many years to recover this rich heritage. For this reason, starting in November 2018, we organised a number of different participatory events, open to all. These helped us to share the project with the local community, of which we are a part and from which we want to learn.

However, our journey does not have any sense without your help. All of us are becoming the custodians of the sea. Will you join us?

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Horari: Hivern (octubre-abril): de dimarts a dissabte de 10 a 14 h i diumenge de 10 a 14 h. Estiu (maig-setembre): de dimarts a dissabte de 10 a 14 h i de 17 a 20h, diumenge de 10 a 14 h.

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