The Balear

In 1999, the master boatbuilders’ unit recovered, restored and relaunched the Balear, a government owned vessel which had been declared an item of cultural interest a few years previously. The restoration was completed in June 2004 and the boat has since become a key element in the promotion of floating maritime heritage, environmental education and the values of sailing.

Since 2004, the Balear has hosted sailing workshops for schoolchildren, it has participated in regattas and nautical fairs, and it has sailed to the Spanish mainland and abroad as well.

In addition, during the summer sailing season, the Balear sails to different parts of the island's coastline – particularly parts designated natural parks - where it offers trips connected with heritage and the environment. These are for adult members of the general public.

The Balear is currently one of the three boats (the Balear, the Alzina and the Port Blau) declared items of cultural interest. One (the Margarita) is an inventoried item.

The Maritime Heritage Unit is currently cataloguing up to 50 of the 750 traditional vessels that are currently inventoried in Mallorca as items of cultural importance. Protecting them is of great importance for Balearic maritime heritage.

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